Hello there, and welcome to my website.  Hope you enjoy.

I am an award winning  full time writer based in Dumfries.  I write plays, stories and and poems. My plays have been performed and read at various venues in the UK including the Traverse in Edinburgh and the Arches in Glasgow.  My play ‘Sins of the Father’ was a winner of the Rowan Tree Playwrighting Competition and afterwards toured.  My stories and poems have been widely published in the UK, also published in Canada and the USA.

I am widely experienced in running workshops and reading and discussing my own work.   If you would like me to come and work with your group or organisation you can do so through the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature scheme or you can contact me at tmurraytg@aol.com to discuss.

Visit my blog for updates on my writing life.  PostcardsfromBorderland

One of my poems.


I stretch my limbs through town and country

Struggle to settle on my rocky bed.

Finally my head finds rests against the soft forgiving bank.

I yawn and count stars

A sudden rain tickles my skin

Between wake and sleep.

No, I need my rest

Try to stifle a giggle and squirm.

The insomniac rain persists

It knows I cannot resist

I swell with laughter.

Not everyone is happy.

The moon rolls its eyes

Lights out and time for sleep

It insists.

Yes, that nonsense will keep till day

Snaps the wind

Sweeps in to gather up the rain

Scatters the loitering clouds.

More tired than I imagine

My rocky bed suddenly smooth

The night light stars blink.

I flow one way from wake to sleep.

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